Hockey Training

Whether you’re an athlete looking to go pro, a recreational hobbyist, or just starting out, we provide something for everyone!


Our facility uses cutting edge technology backed by analytics, to guide your training to the next level. No more damaged garage doors and fences, or waiting out the rain to practice. Join us for a different training experience!

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Markham Location

98 Main Street N, Markham, ON, L3P 1X8

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The Rapidshot

Experience the future of precision training with our cutting edge RapidShot systems. RapidShot is an automated puck shooting and collection system which combines real time analytics such as shot speed, accuracy and reaction time, with an immersive shooting environment.

Offering customizable training modes, enabling you to refine specific shots or engage in dynamic challenges, and with its varying pass speeds and intervals tailored to all skill levels, RapidShot really has something for everyone.

RapidShot is quickly becoming an essential tool for player development and is currently a staple in several NHL facilities. Come try it out! We know you won’t want to stop.

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the RapidHands

Improve your stick handling to unprecedented levels with our RapidHands training systems.

Using cutting-edge technology, RapidHands offers dynamic drills that enhance your dexterity, speed, and control.

From beginners aiming to build a solid foundation to seasoned players fine-tuning their skills, RapidHands provides a versatile and engaging training experience.

Discover the secret behind lightning-fast hands and masterful stick control with RapidHands, and advance your game.

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Synthetic ice rinks

Our 2 synthetic ice rinks can be used both for development and enjoyment.

Goalies can perfect their angles, and develop lightning-fast reaction times. Glide on the smooth surface to work on your slides, butterfly techniques and quick recoveries.

Athletes can improve their skating technique, agility and endurance as they practice crossovers and quick direction changes, as well as sharpen their hockey skills including passing and stick handling.

Those who are just starting out on their skating journey can practice their strides, and games can be played during birthday parties and/or events!

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Let us sharpen your skates quickly and efficiently with the SPARX Skate Sharpener! Wait minutes, not hours to get a consistent and accurate result. Unlike traditional sharpeners, SPARX offers unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and convenience, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

With SPARX, skates are consistently sharpened to perfection, maximizing performance on the ice and saving valuable time for athletes. Try the SPARX difference!

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